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This website uses Names that closely approximate the original Hebrew pronunciation for the Names of Adonai, HaShem, God, the Father, and Jesus the Son of God. Good intentioned men have hidden these Names from society. Why?

The hiding of
YHWH 's Name is an unscriptural practice violating the third commandment of the Ten Commandments which in Hebrew says "you are not to take away My Name to nothingness". In short, declaring that His Name is ineffable is sin, a violation of YHWH 's direct Command, even if the person has good intentions.

King James Version and other bible translators with good intentions who misquote the Hebrew and Greek texts in order to deliberately mislead people also sin. Good intentions can become traditions, and traditions can keep men from obeying
YHWH 's instructions (Torah).
Matthew 15:6 ...Thus have ye made the commandment of
YHWH of none effect by your tradition.

We need to fear YHWH and keep (cherish, protect) His commandments.

We need to honor His authority above the authority of any other person or being.

All information published on this website is not copyrighted, except as noted, and may be freely copied and distributed.

This no copyright policy does not extend to links to other websites. Please honor the policies of other sites.

Please make hard copies of the information on this site, even the information you don't understand or agree with. In the future we may not have the freedom to communicate as freely as we do today.

My views may change as I receive new light in the scriptures. May we all have a love for the truth. In a world full of lies and deceptions, the truth will seem strange and out of place.

Bible teaching and prophecy and end times information that reveal the relationship of ancient prophecies with current major media events