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The Odd Comet

The morning of 3/27/2015 I awakened with comet P/2010 A2 LINEAR on my mind. Our heavenly Father sometimes speaks to me this way. Comet P/2010 A2 LINEAR (later renamed 354P/LINEAR) is one that I had investigated lightly several times in the last couple of years. This isn't an ordinary comet or asteroid. It's odd. Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P/2010_A2

The image of the comet taken by the Hubble Space Telescope:

Comet P/2010 A2 (LINEAR)

Photo courtesy NASA, ESA, D. Jewitt (UCLA)

Astronomers had never seen anything like this comet before, and were stymied as to what exactly the thing was and how it formed. It was discovered on 1/6/2010 by Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) using a 1 meter telescope.

We've been told by Messiah YAHUSHUA in Matthew chapter 24 that there will be signs in the heavens when the time comes for Him to return to the earth. This comet was strange enough to be investigated.

The Messiah instructed His taught ones to "lift up" (Hebrew - "nasa") their heads when they saw signs in the heavens, for their redemption was drawing near. Luke 21:28

The comet's structure resembles an ancient Paleo Hebrew letter, the Tav, which is the last letter in the Hebrew Alphabet. The Tav specifically means a "mark" in ancient Hebrew. The Messiah identified Himself as the Alpha and Omega in Revelation. The Alpha and Omega of the Greek alphabet correspond to the Alef and the Tav of the Hebrew alphabet and the "A" and the "Z" of the English alphabet.

Paleo Hebrew Tav     Modern Hebrew Tav

The heavens are the Creator's magnificent timepiece. If this strange comet is a sign from YaHuWaH Elohim, the Creator, then it should exhibit some special qualities that signify or point to certain times or events.

Here's one pointer ordained at creation into the paths of this comet and the earth. The red line is the comet's path with white date stamps attached.

Below: How the sky ppeared on 9/23/2017 at the time of the sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun of Revelation chapter 12.

Below: The comet appears to race straight across the sky in 2016 toward the constellation Leo and then abruptly reverse direction on 12/10/2016.

Below: A closer view of the comet's path. We can see how closely defined the point of reversal is at 12/10/2016.

Below: An extreme closeup view of the sharp point of the comet's path.

Above: Comet P/2010 A2 LINEAR appears to sharply reverse it's course on 12/10/2016 at a place in the sky that would point to the sign of the Sun Clothed Woman of 9/23/2017.

7 Year Marker: President Barak Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in Norway exactly 7 years prior to 12/10/2016, on 12/10/2009.

The morning of 12/09/2009, a whirling light appeared in the sky over Norway. This odd occurrence was attributed to Russian missile that had gotten out of control. What the whirling light was is not the main concern, the important thing is that it was there, in the sky, on the morning of 12/09/2009, a day before President Obama arrived in Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on 12/10/2009.

Above: The whirling light over Norway that occurred in the sky the morning of 12/9/2009, the day before President Obama received the Nobel Prize for Peace in Norway.

The Strange Comet Flies on to Mark another Event

Below: Comet P/2010 A2 (LINEAR) arrives at a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the constellation Virgo on 11/13/2017, supplying a "Tav" "end marker" to the sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun which occurs 51 days earlier on 9/23/2017.

Above: The image in the sky on 11/13/2017, 51 days after the sign of the Sun Clothed Woman on 9/23/2017.

Above: Closeup view of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of 11/13/2017 with the odd comet P/2010 A2 LINEAR nearby supplying an "end mark".

Other Pointers

There's another marker pointing to 11/13/2017. That pointer is the solar eclipse of 3/20/2015 that ended at the North Pole at 153 degrees in the constellation of Pisces the fish at 10:18:30 UT. The solar eclipse then lifted into the sky from the North Pole. See this page concerning that very special event. See John 21 and the 153 great (Greek - Megas) fish in the net.

The marker is the number of days, 969, from 3/20/2015 to 11/13/2017.

Methuselah, the longest living person in the bible, was 969 years old when he died. He died at the time of Noah's flood. His name, Methuselah, means "when he dies it shall come" (the flood).

Below: A geometric representation of the 969 days from 3/20/2015 to 11/13/2017, and the 969 years of Methuselah's life. (Note: Enoch was taken to heaven when Methuselah was 300 years old)

Above: This is an equilateral tetrahedron. The number 969 is the 17th tetrahedral number. The length of each side is 17 units and the area of each side consists of 153 units. Information can be found here.


The sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun occurs on 9/23/2017, 918 days after the solar eclipse of 3/20/2015.

51 x 18 = 918

153 x 6 = 918

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction of 11/13/2017 occurs 51 days later, 969 days after the solar eclipse of 3/20/2015.

51 x 19 = 969

There are 918 days (18 equal lengths of 51 days, also factored as 6 equal lengths of 153 days) from the solar eclipse of 3/20/2015 to sign of the Sun Clothed Woman on 9/23/2017.

There are 969 days (19 equal lengths of 51 days) from the solar eclipse of 3/20/2015 to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on 11/13/2017 with comet P/2010 A2 LINEAR nearby.