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Follow the Star to the Manchild

According to Matthew chapter 2, an entourage of wealthy and wise men arrived in Jerusalem from a foreign country about 2021 years ago and asked directions to Israel's new born King. They said that they had seen a star that indicated the Anointed One's birth. Everyone in Jerusalem was taken by surprise. The Temple priests found in the scriptures that their King was to be born in Bethlehem.

There was a very rare sign in the sky on 9/23/2017 that indicated the birth of the Man Child mentioned in Revelation chapter 12.

Below: The sign in the heavens of the Woman clothed with the sun with the moon at her feet travailing in birth on 9/23/2017:

Below: About a month earlier, on 8/21/2017, a total solar eclipse crossed the United States. The eclipse of 8/21/2017 was the 1st part of a special 2,422 day eclipse sequence that will complete the placement an ancient Paleo Hebrew Tav on the United States in 2024.

Below: During the total solar eclipse of 8/21/2017, the King Star Regulus, a sign of Israel's Messiah was located right next to the eclipsed sun to viewers in the United States.

Above: Regulus is the large blue star next to the eclipsed sun.

Below: A photo of the star Regulus, symbolic of Israel's Messiah:

Photo courtesy astronomer Russell Croman

Below: A graphic indicating the time relationship between the revealing of the King Star Regulus at midday on 8/21/2017 and the birth of the Man Child about a month later.

Please note that the symbolic Man Child born on 9/23/2017 was to be circumcised and named on the 8th day from His birth, which was on the Hebrew Day of Atonement 9/30/2017.

Also note that a 40 day period before the Day of Atonement is allotted each year for repentance of sins according to Hebrew teachings. That 40 day period also ended on the Day of Atonement, 9/30/2017. http://free.messianicbible.com/holiday/elul-and-the-days-of-awe-the-season-of-judgment-mercy-repentance-and-the-return-of-yeshua/

Note that 9/30/2017 minus 40 days was 8/21/2017, the very day that the Paleo Hebrew Tav, "X", an "end mark" began to be placed on the United States by our Creator, YaHuWaH Elohim.


On 8/21/2017 we were able to "follow the King star Regulus", symbolic of Messiah, in the constellation Leo, symbolic of the Lion of Judah, to the symbolic birth of Israel's Messiah King and Ruler of the World on 9/23/2017.