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Sacred Names... Part 2

1. Introduction

YHWH is a sacred Name. When we use the words LORD or God we realize that these are not names. Why then do we use them? Because to the English-speaking world the word 'God' means a supernatural being and in most English Bibles these designations are used. When we use these words English-speaking people know who we mean.

The dictionary defines the word God as follows:

God: The Creator and Ruler of the universe in Christian, Jewish and Muslim teaching ...
That is what the English speaking world means when it uses the word God. However, on this website, we specifically identify the God of Israel as YHWH, in order to distinguish Him from the Muslim god. Many Christians assume the Elohim of Israel and the Muslim god are one and the same. After all, they have the same name don't they? No, they don't have the same name, they are called by the same title. The Elohim of Israel's Name, YHWH, has been obfuscated through the ages, hidden in a fog, and deliberately unused by most bible translators. His name indicates to man that He is a person with whom man might have a personal relationship. He is not an etherial, generic, nameless unapproachable judge or governor. The main purpose of this website is to turn the hearts of the children to the Father (YHWH). That personal, loving, trusting relationship with His son and daughter is what the Father desires. But YHWH's Name has been obscured by translators substituting in the bible the generic title 'the LORD' in place of His name YHWH. This is a deterent to a close personal relationship because the title 'the LORD' is an impersonal title. Therefore, know His name, reverence His name, and use His name. He loves you!

In our article, Sacred Names Part 1 you will see that we are fully aware that the Almighty's Name is YaHuWaH.

2. The Use of Pagan Words

Every language on Earth - including Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek - is riddled with foreign (pagan) words. We will need to wait for the Almighty to purify every language: because all are as corrupt as is English. That day is near.

Zephaniah 3: 8: Therefore wait ye upon Me, saith YaHuWaH, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for My determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them Mine indignation, even all My fierce anger: for all the Earth shall be devoured with the fire of My jealousy.
9: For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the Name of YaHuWaH, to serve Him with one consent.

3. Pronunciations

Many scholars think that 'YaHuWaH ' is the closest pronunciation. Our aim is as follows:

  • To be like our heavenly Father and to reflect His character by obeying His Torah.
  • To produce in our lives the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

This is our aim because to us YaHuWaH 's Name is far more than an audible sound; however correctly we or others think we pronounce it. And though we respectfully use His Name and teach others to do likewise, we do not profess to be experts in Hebrew or any other language. When giving His name, this is what the 'LORD' (YHWH in the original Hebrew) said:

Exodus 34: 1: And YaHuWaH said unto Moshe, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest.
2: And be ready in the morning, and come up in the morning unto mount Sinai, and present thyself there to me in the top of the mount.
3: And no man shall come up with thee, neither let any man be seen throughout all the mount; neither let the flocks nor herds feed before that mount.
4: And he hewed two tables of stone like unto the first; and Moshe rose up early in the morning, and went up unto mount Sinai, as YaHuWaH had commanded him, and took in his hand the two tables of stone.
5: And YaHuWaH descended in the cloud, and stood with him there,
and proclaimed the Name of YaHuWaH.
6: And YaHuWaH passed by before him, and proclaimed, YaHuWaH, YaHuWaH Elohim, merciful and gracious, long suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,
7: Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

8: And Moshe made haste, and bowed his head toward the earth, and worshiped.

Notice how the Almighty's character was proclaimed when His Name YaHuWaH was pronounced. In the following verse this expression of the divine character rather than the name itself is even more evident:

Exodus 34: 14: For thou shalt worship no other el: for YaHuWaH, whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous El.

Who in his right mind would address the Most High as Almighty Jealous! No one; because that word jealous simply describes a single trait of the Almighty's character. He is a jealous Elohim. In other words, the Almighty's name goes far beyond the actual sound of a noun however correctly it is spoken. And that is what we try to keep in focus: The Almighty's Name is His character. That is the fact we wish to experience in our lives and proclaim to others. Correct Hebrew spellings and pronunciations of the various nouns will come in His time. As far as we are concerned, only those who reflect YaHuWaH 's character really know His Name.

Consequently we treat with utmost caution those who profess to know the Almighty's Name. To be sure they may think they know how to pronounce or spell it, some can even write it in the Hebrew language: but alas! of those we have met, many are strangers to His Holy Spirit. They do not really know Him or His Son. They have a strange spirit that motivates them.

Consequently I hesitate to write off the rest of Christendom simply because it does not know or use the sacred names. On the great Day of Judgment I am sure we will discover that many Christians we have dismissed as semi-pagans knowing little or nothing of Scripture, are in fact a lot more spiritually minded and productive than we are.

So let us all tread with care: and if I may offer a line of advice it would be this: Endeavor to demonstrate in your life - by your character - that you really know the Name of the Almighty: that is, that you know Him! whom to know is life eternal.