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Question: Where can I find a group with similar teachings?

Answer: There are, of course, many believers and groups who agree with our teachings and organize their meetings like ours; but they are not controlled by us. They worship as the Almighty directs them.

Who, then, do I suggest you worship with each Shabbat Day?

My answer is as follows:

  1. Find one or more Shabbat-keeping Christian groups in your area and visit each in turn over the period of a few months.
  2. Then settle for the one where the most truth is preached and practiced.
  3. Do not expect every member to be perfect or to agree 100% on every spiritual subject. That will only happen when the Savior returns and banishes our sin and ignorance on spiritual matters. But you will certainly benefit by worshiping with a group which believes these fundamental truths:


  • The Creation account in Genesis.
  • The need to obey the Laws of Elohim.
  • The divinity of YAHUSHUA the Messiah, the only begotten Son of YaHuWaH the Almighty Elohim, the virgin birth, the Savior's perfect life and sacrificial death for man's Salvation.
  • His resurrection, ascension to heaven and his promised Return, etc.

Where Should I Look?


produces a Directory of Sabbath-Observing Groups in which hundreds of names and addresses are listed. Though the majority of addresses are in the USA, many other countries are also included. To obtain the directory or to just receive information about your town or area, contact them at:

                               Tel:   3316 Alberta Drive, Gillette,WY 82718   USA
                               Tel:   307-686-5191
                               Tel:   Toll-free Orders:   888-687-5191
                               e-mail:   giveshare@vcn.com

The Association also produces books and tracts in support of the Bible Sabbath. Ask for their current list.



Beware of Groups:

As you search for a company to worship with, you must beware of groups:  
  • Which teach that the Ten Commandments are obsolete.
  • Which place miracles and speaking in tongues before obedience.
  • Which teach that the dietary law mentioned in Leviticus 11 is obsolete and that a Christian may eat any meat. (pork, shell fish, rabbit etc.)