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Feasts - Summary

  • The Feast days commanded in the Bible belong to YaHuWaH, the Almighty Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are not Israel's or Yahudah's, but YaHuWaH 's Feasts. "These are the Feasts of YaHuWaH, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons." says the Almighty in His Word.

  • The Feasts of YaHuWaH Elohim of Israel are, by royal decree, the appointed memorials of His mightiest deeds in the Program of Salvation; each and every one of them being a sacred anniversary of some distinct, divine achievement in that program. So the keeping of them is a declaration of faith in the Almighty and His only begotten Son YAHUSHUA, through whom the free gift of salvation is offered to mankind.

  • These selfsame Feasts figured in the mind of the Almighty at the creation of the world, some 2000 years before the first Jew was born. Look out for signs in the sun, moon and stars on the Feasts; for those heavenly bodies were created primarily to signal to the universe the 'sacred seasons,' 'days' and 'years' in the Almighty's calendar.
  • The commandments concerning the Feasts of YaHuWaH are worded in the most permanent of legal terms, which plainly state that they will continue from "generation to generation," "age after age," " for ever!".

  • The staggering total of clean animals (bulls, rams, lambs, goats etc) sacrificed on the Feast days give some indication of their great importance and the manifold blessings the Messiah's sacrifice on Calvary has won for the ransomed people of YaHuWaH.
  • Israel's apostasy reached a climax in the sin of Jeroboam son of Nebat when the nation of Israel forsook the appointed feasts of YaHuWaH and began to celebrate days

    of their own choosing. Alas! Christendom, in the main, is doing exactly the same thing on a world scale in our day. In other words, the Church is duplicating Jeroboam's sin.

  • All the great revivals recorded in Scripture began or climaxed on one or the other of the sacred seasons and Feasts of the Most High; those ancient revivals themselves being "prophetic previews," "living blueprints" and "types" of much greater outpourings of spiritual power and blessing still to be bestowed upon the obedient church in these end times.

  • The new covenant is made between YaHuWaH Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His people Israel and Judah. YaHuWaH has scheduled Himself to inscribe His law, which includes His Shabbat and Feast day commands, on the true believer's mind. The Almighty's weekly and annual Sabbaths were observed by
    • The Apostles and the early church for many years after the Savior's resurrection.
    • They will also be observed during the millennium by all the nations of the world.
    • And finally they will be celebrated on the new Earth (after the millennial age) for all eternity! These facts amply justify the wording of the Feast Day commandments mentioned at point 4 and prove that YaHuWaH 's Feasts will indeed last from "from generation to generation, age to age, for all time - for ever!".

  • By way of contrast the popular holidays of Christendom: Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Sunday, Hallowe'en etc., are not sanctioned by the Almighty. In fact they are ALL ancient heathen festivals which over the centuries have found their way into the Christian church and because of their popularity have temporarily pushed aside the true Sabbaths of the Creator.

    They are, in fact, an abomination to YaHuWaH, Elohim of Israel. Like the sin of Jeroboam, they have diverted YaHuWaH 's people from His appointed times of worship - His sacred seasons, Feasts and Sabbaths. The time has come to jettison these pagan celebrations and to return to the divinely appointed memorials of our salvation - the Feasts of YaHuWaH Almighty.

  • True believers in YaHuWaH of Hosts who really want to please Him should therefore, stop celebrating the pagan religious festivals of Easter and Christmas etc.; for when a person joins in a pagan religious festival he/she becomes partner with the spirits of evil, the demon host who daily defy the dictates of the Almighty YaHuWaH.

  • Just before the Savior's return to Earth the Antichrist will compel the world to choose between the Sign of YaHuWaH and the Mark of the Beast, between the Shabbats of YaHuWaH Elohim of Israel and the Festivals of Paganism. The lead up to this spiritual election has already began. Multiplied millions, in and out of the church, have already decided what they will believe and do concerning this issue. Now it's your turn. This publication merely outlines the momentous issues at stake. Read it several times.

    And now we will leave you to make up your mind, to decide one way or the other - to cast your "spiritual vote" so to speak. Satan, no doubt, will do his utmost to stifle the rising tide of conviction which this truth about YaHuWaH 's Feasts will produce in your mind. That is Satan's unholy delight. You see he does not want believers to obey the commandments of YaHuWaH. He does not mind them acknowledging YaHuWaH 's presence, singing His praises, shouting HalleluYAHs or even exhausting themselves in a thousand worthwhile causes: just so long as they do not obey YaHuWaH 's commandments.

    Obedience to the Law is better than the sacrifice of praise

    1Sa 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath YaHuWaH as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of YaHuWaH ? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

    That is why Satan constantly stirs up hostility in the hearts of men for YaHuWaH and His Torah. Because he wants mankind to break the divine commandments, to sin and go on sinning; to join him in his sick, hateful rebellion against the authority of the Most High.

  • But from the throne of the Almighty you may hear another call. And if you do, it will be the voice of the Master, the call of YAHUSHUA the Messiah, the only begotten Son of the Most High. His voice will overwhelm your whole being as only the voice of the Savior and the presence of the Holy Spirit can. And this is what He will be saying dear reader to you:

    "...If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments."
    (Matthew 19:7)