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Candles / Holy Water

There is no command in Scripture that says believers around the world must use candles or holy water in their services. So we do not use them. There was the seven-branched candlestick in the Tabernacle and in Solomon's Temple: but there are no commands concerning the lighting of candles in other places of worship. Of course it is not a sin to light a candle in a dark building or even in a church. But it is not a legislated duty.

This also applies to holy water, incense, cushions, perfumes, oil etc. Candles are used in some churches, because some believe they give a more natural light than an electric bulb. But the candles themselves are not holy candles and their use is not commanded. You may use them if you wish: it's a matter of choice - not law.


Adult believers are baptized in deep water. There's no choice here; the water must be deep enough for the convert to be immersed. But the water is not referred to as 'holy water.' The same thing applies to oil. Elders may use olive oil to anoint a sick person as the Apostle James points out in 5:13-15; but the oil is not referred to as 'holy oil.' To be sure the oil represents the Holy Spirit; but it is ordinary olive oil just as the baptismal water is ordinary water.