The New Moon was NOT sighted in Israel after sunset on 11/19/2017.

By 30 day default, the 9th biblical month will begin 11/20/2017 at sunset, with 11/21/2017 being the 1st day of the 9th month.

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The Hebrew Day of Trumpets
The Hebrew Day of Trumpets occurs on September 21, 2017, according to the Jewish Hillel calendar.

Those who keep the ancient Hebrew Karaite method of actually observing the New Moon by at least two witnesses in Israel will observe September 22, 2017, as the Day of Trumpets and the beginning of the 7th Hebrew month.
The Sign of the Birth of the Man Child on September 23, 2017
On September 23 there was a sign in the heavens which many people believe to be the sign of the Woman travailing in birth mentioned in Revelation chapter 12. The Woman is giving birth to a man child (male child) who will rule all nations with a rod of iron.
We know that about 2021 years ago, around 4 or 3 BC, a man child who will rule all nations was born to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem.
The Timely Culmination of Jose, Maria, and the Manchild
Atlantic Ocean hurricanes are named by the World Meteorological Organization. There are 6 lists of hurricane names, so the same names repeat every 7th year unless a name is retired from the list or the rules are changed for some reason.
Below is the Hurricane name list for 2017:

Image courtesy NOAA  
The Veiled Signs from Our Creator
It is significant that the naming of hurricanes this year includes Jose and Maria.
Jose is the Spanish name equivalent of the English name Joseph.

Maria is the Spanish name equivalent of the English name Mary.
We now have present in the Atlantic ocean a reference to the biblical characters Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of our Messiah

Image courtesy NOAA    GOES East Satellite
In the image above from 9/19/2017 hurricane Jose appears as the cloud spiral near New York City and hurricane Maria appears north of South America.
We should be vigilant and watching for the appearance of a Man Child event on or after September 23, 2017.
Our Creator Elohim has arranged the weather patterns of the earth and the naming lists of the hurricanes to cause the names Jose (Joseph) and Maria (Mary) to coincide with and accompany His sign in the heavens to us of the woman clothed with the sun giving birth to the Man Child on September 23, 2017.  

Above: A graphic showing the sign in the heavens on September 23, 2017, of the woman clothed with the sun travailing in birth mentioned in Revelation chapter 12.  

This particular arrangement of heavenly bodies was ordained to appear in the heavens by our Creator YaHuWaH Elohim when the heavens and earth were created.
The sign of the woman travailing in birth in the heavens will appear on September 23, 2017, as storms and hurricanes Jose and Maria (Joseph and Mary) are ordained by our Creator to bear witness to us on earth of the Man Child's birth.
Note that few people (Anna and Simeon) were allowed to recognize the Man Child for who He was. His recognition by Anna and Simeon came 40 days after His birth when He was taken to the Temple for dedication.
What are the Odds?
What are the odds that the names Jose and Maria from the hurricanes list, which appear only once every 7th year, would accompany the sign of the woman travailing in birth in the heavens? There are 126 names on the 6 lists, 21 names on each list.
And what are the odds that these particularly named storms would appear at this particular time to accompany the Revelation chapter 12 sign in the heavens?
These complementary signs on earth and in heaven assure us who believe and trust in Him that everything is precisely under the control of our heavenly Father,
 YaHuWaH Elohim.
Prepare with Repentance
We all have free will. Each of us can freely choose our eternal destiny. Now is the time to turn to
YaHuWaH Elohim in prayer and repentance through YaHuShua our Messiah. 

Concerning Sighting the New Moon

From where should the new moon be sighted? Can the lookout party be posted anywhere on earth? Or is Jerusalem the only authorized lookout point?
In ancient Israel new moon sightings were made from Jerusalem, a city about 2500 feet above sea level.

In short: months began when the new moon was first sighted from Jerusalem. As soon as the new born crescent was sighted from the capital the news was sent to the rest of the country. Such was the practice in ancient days. 'But,' you may well ask 'what of today?' As you can imagine, first sightings of the new moon vary from place to place. The moon may be seen at one place, only to be missed at another. Atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity along the light path, altitude, latitude, longitude, cloud, fog and dust etc. can all affect a first sighting of the new moon. Even a distance of a few hundred miles in any direction could make the difference between seeing the new moon and not seeing it. On top of this is the fact that most city dwellers are not able to get away from the glare of the city lights each month to 'look out' for the new moon.

Some festival-keeping groups believe that: "A month should begin at whatever moment the new crescent is first sighted, regardless of location."

We do not agree with this stand, simply because first sightings of the new moon can occur a whole day apart in different parts of the world. Believers assembling at a central point could therefore find themselves in dispute as one party could justifiably claim to have seen the new moon on a certain day and another party deny having seen it. For example a Californian believer could, in certain months, see the new moon a whole day before or after his Jerusalem counterpart. So when he arrives in Israel for the Passover, when will he keep that service? Will he go by his Californian sighting, or will he fall into line with the believers in Jerusalem? The answer is obvious, and it has the backing of history: he will follow the Jerusalem lead.

The beginnings of months should be decided on the evidence of a first sighting from the standpoint of Jerusalem, because that is the Almighty's spiritual capital of the world and the main assembly point for festival-keeping believers.Such was the practice of ancient Israel. All new moons were announced from the main assembly point of Jerusalem. To be sure the folks from Nazareth, Dan, Beersheba and further afield were equally able to look out for the new moon, and they probably did; but even if they had seen the new moon locally, a first sighting from Jerusalem always took precedence over local first sightings. Also when Messiah walked the Earth the beginnings of months were proclaimed on the evidence of a first sighting from Jerusalem; regardless of whether or not pilgrims had seen the new moon in Asia, Persia, Ethiopia, Mesopotamia or Rome. Pilgrims from those distant lands (Acts 2: 9-11) all subordinated their local observations to first sightings from Jerusalem. And that is exactly what will happen in the millennium and on the new Earth. The beginnings of months will be proclaimed from Jerusalem and all the world will obey.

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