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Harvest Times In Israel?

Harvest Times in Israel 



The agricultural year in Israel begins in the autumn (after the harvest festival of Tabernacles) with plowing and sowing. Harvests in Israel begin in spring in the month of Adar (February/March). The following harvest times in ancient Israel are obtained from the Readers Digest book entitled Jesus and His Times, pages 100-101.


Months Weather Crops & activity
Tishri 7th month(Sep/Oct) First rains Plowing begins
Heshvan 8th month(Oct/Nov)   Plowing / grain planting
Kislev 9th month(Nov/Dec)   Grain planting continues
Teveth 10th month(Dec/Jan) Main rains  
Sebat 11th month (Jan/Feb)    
Adar 12th month (Feb/Mar) Spring rains Almond in bloom / flax harvest
Aviv 1st month (Mar/Apr)   Barley harvest begins
2nd month (Apr/May)   Barley harvest completed
3rd month (May/Jun) Dry season Wheat harvest begins
4th month (Jun/Jul)   Wheat harvest completed / first figs
Av 5th month (Jul/Aug) Summer heat Vintage (grape harvest) begins
Elul 6th month (Aug/Sep)   Date harvest / summer figs

From the above, one can see that the harvest season in ancient Israel began in Adar (Feb/March) and continued by stages into autumn. The barley harvest began in March-April: the first sheaf being cut and waived in the middle of Aviv, which could be any time between 21st March and the middle of April. It is the same in modern Israel.

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